1:1 Private Coaching

I’m here to help and guide you to expand.

My coaching programs draw upon years of studying and experience in the personal and professional development space, philosophy, psychology, extensive coach training and ongoing learning from some of the best experts in the space.
My goal is to drive transformational change and provide useful tools and frameworks to set you up for sustained, long-term success.

If you’re wondering if we would be a good fit, book a complimentary 45 min strategy session and let’s explore the ways we could partner together. Engagements last for 6 months. None of my clients are alike, therefore if we establish a fit I will prepare a customized program focused on your unique needs and goals. Every engagement starts and ends with an Energy Leadership Assessment.


Some things to keep in mind about how I work:

  • I am proactive- if you’re working on something I will be constantly thinking of what resources might be helpful and sending them over- whether these are videos, books, webinars, people to meet etc.
  • I am personal, thoughtful and hands on. I will genuinely get to know you and your business (as much as you allow me to). But you will feel special and acknowledged, you become part of my circle.
  • I am present with you. A lot of times we encounter people who are busy, not listening, being somewhere else in their minds. I am always here with you, listening deeply and holding space. Your sessions-  your time.
  • I meet you where you are. No need to rush, be pushed or feel uncomfortable about anything. Together we explore and co- create.
  • I am super flexible- you can schedule a call whenever you need support. I work with clients all over the world, so a 9pm session for instance wouldn’t be impossible.
  • There is an unlimited email/text support throughout our work together. Never hesitate to reach out, I’m always in your corner.



A single 2 hour deep dive debrief session.

Uncover what stands in your way of more success and how to tap into your personal power.

The session includes an assessment, a recorded video of our call + a check in a week later. 

The investment in yourself is $500

Once you submit a payment, you’ll recieve your link to schedule

Find out what are the specific ways you hold yourself back and what you can do to unlock more of your potential in just 2 hours. Uncover key beliefs and habits that may be sabotaging you and learn actionable tools to start shifting to a better state.

If you want to understand why everyone thinks and acts the way they do and what drives and engages people, this session is what you need. You will walk away with strategies to apply to your life and work to effectively navigate your entrepreneurial journey. You will get a roadmap to start cultivating habits and behaviors that will lead you to better results from anything and everything you do out in the world.

The session is based on a science-backed online assessment, which you will receive at the time of scheduling. The assessment is great at illustrating your unique frame of reference. It holds a mirror to your core perceptions and the amount and quality of energy you possess. All these factors influence the success, satisfaction and performance (or the lack of) in your life, business and relationships.
You will receive your results upon completion and will meet with me for our deep dive session.

This is a great opportunity to experience my core coaching process and have an idea if it is something you would like to explore further.