Have you ever wished there was a model that will teach you a simplified organizational process to keep the momentum in your business and allow you to scale?

A program that focuses on the key components which simply unblock the growth potential of your business and team, so you can focus on leadership and big thinking?

There is! And it’s here for you!

We designed “From Startup to Scale up” to help you and your leadership team actually enjoy growing the business, because things should be simple and fun, not stressful and frustrating.

But first, let’s see where you stand- click below to self- assess your company:

Successfully transitioning from the flexible startup model to a systematic one requires to look at the business at its core again. Addressing it as a whole organization and the leaders as whole human beings.

That is why “From Startup to Scaleup” focuses both on the health of the organization and the health of the leadership team.

Here’s what we cover:

Scaling a company requires a new mindset and developing strong leadership and organizational skills. As much as investors and accelerators are putting efforts to help, they don’t have the capacity to fully support the founders, overlooking the fact that many of them feel as if they’re drowning.

Being a startup CEO is f*cking hard. Long hours. Hustle. Depression. It’s lonely. Constant demands. Responsibilities. Growing to­-do ­lists.

Leaders will need to change in order to survive and they often start seeing that when they hit a wall of stress and exhaustion. That is why “From Startup to Scaleup” focuses on the health of the leadership team too. Making sure they harmonize life and work, avoid burnout and show up like the conscious and powerful leaders they could be.

They have to move away from the startup pursuit of immediate results. If the goal is sustainability, then they need to invest in doing the work to build a healthy foundation to achieve it.

Successful startups are businesses. The ones that truly succeed know the importance of efficiency and following a systematic process where they plan, commit, track results, celebrate accomplishments and truly lead the business towards the big vision.

Don’t be stuck! Be one of the successful ones!