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Create sustainable performance by optimizing the key areas of your life

A message from Vanya

Are you trying to do too many things, just to find yourself drained and not sure how to focus on moving forward effectively?

Do you struggle with saying “no” and really protecting your precious time?

Are relationships and people dynamics something you wish you understood better?

Do you worry how you are perceived, now that you have all eyes on you, being a leader?

You know your business well, but don’t you wish of having some wide open space for bigger thinking and strategies, where you can unleash ideas and brainstorm?

Are you often pulled into the micro issues, in the weeds, which takes away from the important work you need to be doing?

Do you sometimes wonder how can you keep being motivated through the ups and downs in your journey?

Are you finding it difficult to effectively manage your time and priorities as your company and team grows?

I’m Vanya and all of my work, content, and resources are designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and founders to succeed in their pursuit of meaningful work.

What you get from me is a high-level coaching through a transformative one-on-one approach designed to help you:

  • Learn how to engage yourself and others to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Master your business and personal relationships  (including the one with yourself)
  • Cultivate a higher level of emotional intelligence and develop the patience you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Sort through the noise, get out of the weeds and focus on what matter most.
  • Motivate yourself and your team to achieve higher productivity, more satisfaction and cultivate a sense of purpose.
  • Learn the techniques and tools you didn’t know you’ve had before, to shift your energy and inspire peak performance not only in you but in others around you.

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‘The Coaching Journal’ brings thought-provoking conversations and insights to entrepreneurs and founders to help them level up performance and optimize leadership. Get inspired to scale your company with more structure and less overwhelm.


Create sustainable performance by optimizing the key areas of your life