Vanya is a Professional Leadership Coach, certified through the “Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching” (IPEC). Prior to her coach certification, she graduated “Sofia University” with a B.S. in History of Philosophy, where she began her journey to study the human experience and the powerful role of the mindset in changing behavior and achieving success. Her entrepreneurial nature and innate drive for personal and professional growth, balanced with a deep connection to purpose have led her to work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders. Her personal experience, moving to the USA at the age of 22, allowed her to develop the skills and mindset to navigate constant change, tolerate risk, and build resilience.

Based in NYC, today she helps her clients to optimize their leadership potential, gain perspective and define the bigger vision for themselves, their businesses and teams. She founded “Live Authentic Coaching” with the belief that what we do and how we are matters: to ourselves, others and the world.

Currently based in New York City, she nerds out on entrepreneurship, the startup culture, leadership, mindfulness, yoga and all forms of self- expression. Meeting new people or engaging in deeper conversations with friends recharge her batteries. Being socially active quite often, she finds her alone time sacred and never compromises creating space for rest, reading and creativity. A martini with her girlfriends, exploring the city on foot or checking out a good restaurant makes a great end of the week. 

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